Our graduates and their employment

Our graduates and their employment

Among the graduates of the faculty, who have more than 50 years of history, there are well-known scientists, public figures, teachers, team leaders. For example, K. K., academician, Senator E. Sagyndykov, Professor of middle Eastern University of Ankara M. U. Ahmed, Director of the multidisciplinary Marlinskogo College G. J. Shukurov, Director of the chamber of entrepreneurs “Atameken” Aktobe region N. B. Mukanov etc.

In 2019, 81% of graduates were employed. They work in schools, banks, a variety of too, etc. 19 graduates enrolled in graduate higher education institutions of RK.

Graduates of our specialty, except schools, colleges, institutes, universities, work in banks, insurance and investment companies, various funds and scientific educational institutions.

At the request of the Department of education of Aktobe region is carried out employment of students. Every year the demand for graduates in the specialty increases from the number of graduates. In other regions of the Republic-in schools and colleges of West Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Mangystau, Kyzylorda regions.

We are proud of our graduates who work in leading companies of Kazakhstan: Kulik A. I. – candidate of pH.-PhD, JSC “Russian Railways” (Russia, Saratovka); Korvyakov V. A. – Professor, rector of Almaty Academy of economy and statistics; Stybaev G. – Aktobe OF JSC “Halyk Bank”, head of Department of information technology; Ishanov E. – head of Department of information technologies JSC “Republican scientific center of neurosurgery”; Nuka N. company Citrix, senior software engineer, (USA, Los Angeles); S. Afanasiev – JSC “cryptocurrency-Pro”, engineer-programmer, (Russia, Moscow); S. Cascina – LLP “ENRC Business & Technology Services”, PM O Specialist – Programme Arrow (Astana); Mynbaev U. – the Deputy mayor of the city (Aktobe); Narbikova L. – member of the Directorate of JSC “Kazakhtelecom”, Arzanov D. air traffic controller Kazaeronavigatsia; Fedchuk, S. – 1S engineer of LLP “ЛИМБ2”; Kapkaeva G. – specialist consultant LLP “Aktivsoft”; the Shokan B. – NZM specialist robotics; Zhaksalykov R. A. officer PS KNB (Almaty); Utegenova K.-the programmer RGU “Department of Committee of control of medical and pharmaceutical activity of MH RK in Karaganda region”; Seksenbayev R. – Programmer of JSC “Aktobemunaigas”; Bulgaria (Sadakova) A. B. – lecturer at the International school of oral computing “Train Your Brain” (Taldykorgan); Kaldygulova S. J.-an employee of the state revenue office in Aktobe; the Darłowo D. N. – specialist in development and training of the personnel of the company Karachaganak petroleum operating, (Aksai); the Aktau N. programmer at FEMA and Hips S. A., Uzakbaev N. A. – NICHES (Aktobe), I. O. – specialist in web technologies, Kazakh University of technology and business, (Astana) D. G. Doszhanova-IT specialist, FORTE BANK JSC (Aktobe), Sergeeva G. S.-regional specialized boarding school for gifted children (Aktau), hayrullaev R. A. – technical Programmer, Aktobe Polytechnic College (Aktobe), Zh. and.Moldabekov-engineer APCS, LLP “Stroytekhno”, Tanganov M. N. – engineer of information technologies, JSC “TransTeleCom”and others

At the faculty of physics and mathematics there was a meeting of graduates of Zhubanov University with graduates.


Faculty of physics and mathematics of Zhubanov University with 85-year history has become one of the national centers of education and science and the Golden cradle of education. This historical mission is very relevant for the faculty today. The faculty with honor passed all tests in mathematics, physics and information technology is one of the leading centers of training and research in the country. 8 June 2019 at the physics and mathematics faculty Jovanovska University hosted a meeting of faculty members headed by the Dean of the faculty Bekbauov Altynshash Upwaves and graduates this year with the first graduates of the University who graduated half a century ago.

The meeting was attended by graduates of the faculty in all specialties. The meeting began with the presentation of the University’s 1970 alumni folder to 2019 graduates at the educational site. Then all the guests visited the concert program prepared by the students of the University.

30-year meeting

The school held an alumni meeting. During the meeting the conversation of teachers and alumni, who studied together, remembered the past, talked about the current activities and exchanged views.