History of the Faculty

History of the Faculty

The faculty of physics and mathematics was created in 1966 and became currently a leading academic and scientific regional centre busy with carrying out fundamental research in the field of mathematics, physics and information systems.

The faculty comprises 3 departments:

  • Mathematics (the head – M.A. Tleubergenova, Candidate of  physical and Mathematical Sciences);
  • Physics (the head – Aimaganbetova Zukhra Kuranievna, PhD);
  • Informatics and information technologies (the head – Shamisheva S.);

The faculty prepares cadres for 13 bachelor’s specialties, 8 masters and 2 doctorate

Bachelor degree:

  • 5В010900 – Mathematics
  • 5B011000 – Physics
  • 5В011100 – “Informatics”
  • 5В012600 – Mathematics-physics
  • 5B060100 – Mathematics
  • 5В060400 – Physics
  • 5B060200 – Informatics
  • 5B070400 – Сomputer facilities and software
  • 5B070300 – Information systems
  • 5В070500 – Mathematical and computer modeling
  • 6B01509 – Mathematics-Informatics
  • 6B01510 – Physics-Informatics
  • 6В06105 – Computer engineering

Master degree:

  • 6М011000 – Physics
  • 6M010900 – Mathematics
  • 6M070300 – Information systems
  • 6m060200 – computer
  • 6M060400 – Physics
  • 6М060100 – Mathematics
  • 6M011100 – Informatics
  • 6M070400 – Computing and software

PhD degree:

  • 6D060100 – Mathematics
  • 6D060400 – Physics

Two learning 6D060100-“Mathematics” and 6D060400″Physics” opened a dissertation Council in specialties.

The order of the Chairman of the Committee for control in Education and science Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Higher education institutions “of philosophy (PhD), doctor of the profile for the opening of dissertation councils for defense of doctoral dissertations on academic” and created in accordance with the order. It is not only educational establishment in the development of mathematical Sciences and physics, open. As in the dissertation of research work to analyze the way future scientists, scholars, conducted by Council of scientific sharp filtering.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 1005 students are enrolled in full-time bachelor’s degree programs, including 694 under the state grant, 311 under the paid Department, 191 under the « Serpin» program, and 27 students under the regional akim’s grant.

Currently, the implementation of double-diploma educational programs in the specialties 5B010900-Mathematics AND 5b011000-Physics, 5B011100-computer Science, as well as double-diploma educational programs is carried out by the Chinese oil and gas University

Within the framework of trilingual education, classes in the specialties 5B010900-Mathematics, 5B011000-Physics, 5B011100 – Informatics are held in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The faculty is provided with highly qualified teaching staff: 4 doctors of physical, mathematical and pedagogical Sciences, 5 PhD, 33 candidates of Sciences. Academic degree PPP-54%.