6B05401 – Math

Code – name of the specialty:

6B05401 – Math

Accreditation (year of passage, period of passage):

according to the results of the audit of the non-profit external expert commission “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, conducted in April 2015, the specialty is accredited for a period of 5 years (No. AB0518 of 04/22/2015).

Training period:

day dressing:

4 years on the basis of secondary general education;

3 years on the basis of secondary vocational education

Academic degree awarded:

Bachelor of Science in Education 6B05401 Mathematics

Field of professional activity:

Applied math; the science; production and economics.

Objects of professional activity:

research organizations, design and engineering bureaus, firms and companies; enterprises and institutions using mathematical methods in their work; administrative management; Insurance companies; financial structures, business, economics.

Subject of professional activity:

scientific research in areas using mathematical methods and computer technology; theoretical development of mathematical models in the natural sciences, technology, economics; development of effective methods for solving the problems of science and technology, economics and management; software and information support for scientific, research and management activities; actuarial mathematics.

Types of professional activity:

research; organizational and technological; production and management.

Base practice:

Scientific Center for Applied Mathematics and Informatics K. Zhubanova, Aktobe region, Chalkar district IE “Sulet”, “Specialized transport management”, DBAO Sberbank, LLP “Richie”, Aktobe, LLP “StroyServiseKZ”, Aktobe, LLP “Saga Omega”, g. Aktobe.