6B01502 – Physics

Code – name of the specialty:

6B01502 – Physics

Accreditation (year of passage, period of passage):

According to the results of the audit of the non-profit external expert commission “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating” conducted in April 2013, it successfully passed specialized accreditation for 5 years.

Duration of exposure:

Full-time: 4 years, 3 years

Awarded degree:

Bachelor of education in educational program 6В01502 – Physics

Field of professional activity:

  • education and development of children and students in general educational organizations, educational institutions and centers;
  • the science;
  • organizations, institutions and enterprises associated with the use of physical research methods.

Objects of professional activity:

  • educational institutions of state and non-state financing, preschool educational organizations, schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, technical and vocational education institutions;
  • organizations of science: scientific, research centers in the field of physics, pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods;
  • management organizations: state management bodies, education departments;
  • organizations of various forms of ownership using physical research methods in their work.

Subject of professional activity:

  • educational work in educational organizations;
  • professional activities in industrial organizations;
  • The educational process in the unity of its value-oriented guidelines, content, methods, forms and results;
  • research, innovation, information and analytical activity in the field of physics, pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods.
  • The technological process of designing, implementing physical research methods.

Types of professional activity:

  • socio-pedagogical – the creation of favorable conditions and the provision of humanitarian and pedagogical support for the full life, education and development of students;
  • educational – training and development of students, organization of the process of training and education, design and management of the pedagogical process, diagnostics, correction, forecasting of the results of pedagogical activity;
  • research – the organization and conduct of scientific research in the field of physics, pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods;
  • organizational and methodological – the study, synthesis and dissemination of experience of innovative learning;
  • production and technological – management and organization of the technological process based on physical research methods.

Base practice:

schools of Aktobe.