6B01508 – Mathematics-Physics

Specialty code:

6B01508 – Mathematics-Physics

Accreditation (last year, expired):

Form, terms of training:

Full-time: 4 years, 3 years


Bachelor of Education in the educational program “6В01508 – Mathematics – Physics”

Field of professional activity:

  • education;
  • the science;
  • Applied math;
  • organizations, institutions, enterprises using physical research methods.

Forms of professional activity:

  • state, non-state educational institutions; schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, educational institutions of technical vocational education;
  • scientific organizations (scientific, research centers in the field of mathematics, physics, pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods);
  • management organizations (government, education departments);
  • organizations of various forms of ownership using the methods of mathematics and physics.

Subject of professional activity:

  • organization and conduct of educational work in educational organizations;
  • organization and conduct of experimental and research work on the problems of mathematics, physics, teacher education;
  • the implementation of organizational activities in educational institutions and governing bodies of the relevant areas;
  • the introduction of physical research methods, the design process.

Types of professional activity:

  • education;
  • socio-pedagogical;
  • research;
  • organizational and methodological;
  • production and technological.

Base practice:

  1. secondary school No. 21, Aktobe
  2. Lyceum of Education-Innovation, Aktobe
  3. Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Physics and Mathematics, Aktobe
Modular educational program