7М05301 – Physics

Code and name:

«7M05301 – Physics»


According to the results of the audit of the non-commercial external expert commission “Independent Accreditation Agency and Rating”, held in October 2015, it successfully passed a specialized accreditation for 5 years (No. АB0524, 04.22.2015-22.04.2020).

Duration of education:

2 years

The awarded degree:

Master of educational program «7M05301 – Physics»

Sphere of professional activity:

the field of experimental, theoretical and applied physics, as well as the field of related natural and technical sciences; the field of education, including the field of pedagogy, theories and methods of teaching physics in higher educational institutions.

Objects of professional activity:

research institutes, research centers, research laboratories, design and design offices, firms and companies; higher educational institutions, state educational institutions and educational enterprises, as well as non-governmental educational organizations; bodies of public administration of the appropriate profile.

The subject of professional activity:

research, production and technological processes in institutions, enterprises and associations; organizational and managerial processes in state institutions, firms and companies, including international ones; educational processes in higher and secondary special educational institutions.

Types of professional activity:

research; pedagogical.

Bases of practice and internships:

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania; Gdansk University, Poland; Bashkir state. University, Russia; University of Sakarya, Turkey; Saratov State Technical University. Y. Gagarin, Russia; Grodno State University name of Y. Kupala, Belarus.