7М06104 – Computer Science

Cipher, the name of the specialty:

“7M06104 – Computer Science»

Accreditation (year of passage, the period of the):

According to the results of the audit of the non-profit external expert Commission “Independent Agency of accreditation and rating”, held in December 2017, it successfully passed specialized accreditation (№АВ 1493  22.12.2017 – 21.12.2022).

Degree awarded:

master of engineering and technology in the educational program “7M06104 – Computer Science»

Field of professional activity:

The sphere of professional activity of graduates are:

scientific and pedagogical training:

research institutions; public administration bodies; higher, secondary and secondary educational institutions; project organizations; industrial enterprises and other;

at profile preparation:

– public administration bodies; project organizations; financial organizations; industrial enterprises and others.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of graduate students are:

during scientific and pedagogical training:

  • information services of research institutions;
  • information services of public administration;
  • students of higher, secondary-special, secondary educational institutions;
  • information services of project organizations;
  • information services of industrial enterprises and other;

the profile:

  • computer services of public administration;
  • computer services of industrial enterprises;
  • computer services of financial institutions and others.

Subjects of professional activity:

The subject of professional activity are: mathematical and algorithmic methods, methods of design and implementation of software; including methods of applied mathematics, computer science for solving problems of science, education, technology; management and administration of databases; ways of ensuring the protection and security of information; methods of implementing software in high-performance computing systems; software and hardware for regional and global information networks and development of Internet technologies.

Types of professional activity:

  • research;
  • industrial-technological;
  • organizational and management;
  • design and engineering;

Base of practice:

Institute of applied mathematics and Informatics of ARGU named. K. Zhubanova, Department of Informatics and information technologies. Branch of “Information and computing center of the Committee on statistics of the Ministry of national economy of Kazakhstan”; JSC NC “KTZ – center of linear development — Aktobe”; “Karachaganak petroleum operating BV” Aksay; Department of state revenue in Aktobe region; Aktobe city center of technical creativity; LLP “Stroytechno”; LLP “D-Three A”.