5B010900 – Mathematics

Cipher –  name of  specialty:


Passage of accreditation (year of passage, period of passage):

According to the results of the audit of the non-profit external expert commission “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, held in May 2018, the specialty successfully passed a specialized accreditation (№ АВ 1729, 05.31.2018-30.05.2023).

Training period:

Full time:

4 years on the basis of secondary education,

3 years on the basis of secondary vocational education;

Part time:

3 years on the basis of secondary vocational education;

2 years on the basis of higher education.

The awarded degree:

Bachelor of Education in the specialty 5B010900- “Mathematics”.

Sphere of professional activity:

education; the science; Applied Mathematics

Objects of professional activity:

educational institutions (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, educational institutions of technical and vocational education); research organizations in the field of mathematics, pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods; management organizations (education departments, relevant government agencies; organizations using mathematics methods in their work.

Subject of professional activity:

organization and conduct of educational work, experimental and research work on the problems of pedagogical education; synthesis and dissemination of innovative learning experience; the implementation of organizational activities in educational institutions.

Types of professional activity:

educational; social and pedagogical; research; organizational and methodical

Practical bases:

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics, Aktobe “Educational and Innovative Lyceum”, High school № 21, Aktobe.